The professional musician Sara Gallitz grew up in Portugal and currently lives in Germany. She spent many years touring Germany and Europe with Michael Ausserbauer's Tenor Steps. Sara recorded with Jazz on Vinyl, Lobstarr, Landluft, the single "Shine" from Superman's Feinde, made an album with Tenor Steps and recorded with many other artists of various genres. Her songs and recordings were played in both german and american radio stations.

Although her roots are in jazz and blues, she now dedicates more time to soul, funk, r&b, hiphop, trip-hop, lofi, synthwave and EDM. In her career she played with greats of the jazz and blues genre such as Al Jones, Dona Oxford, Tuija Komi, members of the Spider Murphy Gang and many, many more.

Sara dedicated a lot of time to her new duo project Infinite Messengers. The duo consists of Sara Gallitz (sax, voc, producing) and Pavel Pavlik (pads, keys, guit, mastering). Infinite Messengers are influenced by electronic, hip hop, pop, trip hop, experimental, jazz and rock and don't only focus on a unique listening experience, but also on an unique visual experience on live concerts.

She now streams every night on and is being quite successful with it:




- Da$e+BeatZ feat. Sara Gallitz, 2018 (Single)
- Jazz on Vinyl, 2017 (Album)
- ESP, Lobstarr, 2016 (Single)
- Get It, Tenor Steps, 2015 (Album)
- Shine, Supermans Feinde, 2014 (Single)


       Picture: Christian Melis